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Simonne Draper studied classical guitar at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatoire in Prague under the guidance of renowned guitar composer Milan Tesař. While she obtained a degree in law at Charles University in Prague, her true passion is in music. Simonne is part of a group of musicians who are not only performers but also actively compose for the instrument they play, showcasing their versatility and artistic expression. Her first classical collection, titled "Pieces for Guitar  was published by Editio Bärenreiter in 2001. Simonne Draper has received prestigious awards for her work in both Europe and America. In 2015, her song "Finesa" won the classical category of The Hollywood Songwriting Contest. Furthermore, her compositions "Dolorosa" and "Canzonetta dell'Acqua" were nominated for Best Composition in the classical category at The American Songwriting Awards in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Additionally, her composition "Espańola" received a silver medal for outstanding achievement at the esteemed Global Music Awards in 2018. In America, her first album of original music titled "Portraits in Guitar" was published by MSR Classics. Tracks from this album have been featured on playlists of various broadcasters in numerous countries, including BBC Radio Kent and Classic FM Prague, among others. Since 2016, Simonne Draper has been an esteemed member of The Czech Composers Society, showcasing her dedication and valuable contributions to the music community.